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pfs Rider Rebalancing

Specialist movement awareness training through core stability

What exactly is core stability?
TRUE Core stability is balancing effortlessly on the planet using your deep postural muscles or anti-gravity muscles. These muscles should fire instinctively and without conscious thought.

Many people however, have lost this ability and are instead trying to balance using more superficial muscle patterns. These muscles are designed for mobilizing the body not stabilizing so this can often lead to a pattern of strain throughout the body.

A pattern of strain can result in pain or tension in certain areas of the body that are unable to move freely or just a rigidity in the rider that inhibits the free movement of the horse.

How do I know if I need Movement Awareness Training?
- low back tension
- shoulder tension
- neck tension
- early fatigue in one muscle group after riding
- one elbow sticking out in riding
- a hand hooking on one rein
- inability to sit the trot
- horse not moving forward
- frustration at lack of improvement in riding
- hip/knee/ankle pain or constant clicking

How to rebalance?
Pauline is a Certified Rolfer® and a Fully Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor™ with over 15 years experience in hands on and movement therapies. The combination of all these years of training has resulted in a unique approach to change the way your body moves in the field of gravity. Pauline uses pilates and rolfing movement techniques along with intuitive languaging cues to connect your mind and body in harmony.

Pilates Method of movement control
Pilates is a mind/body form of movement – you use your mind to control the movements of your body. Pilates works with your kinaesthetic or “felt” sense so that you really are learning how to move from the inside of your body to the outside.

Pilates cannot be learned from a book or a video or in a large group. It takes 3 different kinds of input to the thalamus in the brain before it relays information elsewhere – if you want to change the patterns in your body you need an instructor to give you the tactile, proprioceptive and verbal cues to help your brain figure it out. If it's easy/painful/your joints click – you are doing it wrong! My job is to help you figure it out.


Core stability is the buzzword of this generation and classes pop up everywhere. Attending a class or sitting on a large ball does NOT mean you are training core stability. You need information to flow from brain to body and FEEL what is going on.

My goal is to get you out of pain or tension and get you moving:

changing bodies by the hour.