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Client Testimonials

"Pilates was something I'd never heard of, but I will now practice it I hope for the rest of my life. Pauline gave me an introduction, she is an excellent teacher. It felt like I'd had a fundamental shift in my stature and made me aware of what was happening in my body. Excellent teachers are hard to come by - Pauline must be one of the best!" - GB.

"Pauline worked on my horse for several years. He's a 16.2 Third Level dressage horse (Dutch Warmblood) with a long back. Pauline was able to keep him moving much more freely with her work. She worked on him regularly for maintenance and I found if she worked on him prior to clinics he was more supple and able to work harder for me with less stiffness afterward.
I also worked with Pauline as a Pilates instructor. I am a much better rider due to the work I've done with Pilates. My horse and I have made remarkable progress because of Pauline's assistance." AT.

After the first 3 sessions of the rolfing 10 series: “Spa treatments, orthotics, massage – all the things that propped me up… I don’t feel the need for anymore. I feel more confident in myself, can look in the mirror and feel happy with what I see. Rolfing has given me height and a sense of posture – a lengthening in my spine – and a waist!” - MM.

"Pauline gave me a reiki atunement on a mountain top in Alaska. I have to say it was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life! I found an inner peace that I didn't know existed." - GB.

“ I came to Pilates and Pauline as a raw recruit about 6 weeks ago. I remember saying I wanted to be fit & fifty not fat & fifty! Working with Pauline has been inspirational as she gives you lots of encouragement and is very enthusiastic about what she does. I can honestly say I now feel very positive, have grown in inches and can see and feel my waistline shrinking! Can’t wait for more.” - IH

"Pauline's concern for helping her clients learn to use pilates to improve strength, posture and alignment for riding, is motivational. She uses her own experiences to show that while challenging, these goals are attainable and recognizes the importance of those little break-throughs in thinking or actions and always welcomes questions and feedback." - JW