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feng shui means balance and harmony – physical feng shui is finding balance and harmony in your body.

My job is to help you improve your horse’s way of going or your level of performance – whether you are returning to riding or on the Olympic short list.

Balance and harmony in structure and function.

Rolfing Structural Integration® in Scotland for the human and equine client. Specialist hands on manipulation and movement education that will change how your body moves in gravity. Bodywork that LASTS.

Pilates and movement awareness training for riders, athletes and rehabilitation.

Performance enhancement for the human and equine athlete, based in Scotland, with clinics worldwide on request.

Mounted Rider Movement Retraining. New and Original to PFS!

Pelvic floor retraining specialist – 1:1 sessions and group workshops for pelvic floor dysfunction and urinary incontinence. Training seminars for health care professionals.

Your Instructor - Pauline Kidd
Pauline is a Certified Rolfer®, a fully Certified Advanced STOTT Pilates Instructor®, Reiki Master and Certified JMI Equine Sportsmassage® Therapist. A background of over 15 years in the field of hands on and movement therapies has resulted in a unique approach to facilitate optimum performance for the human and equine athlete.

"A deep fascination in the functional and structural aspects of movement is what continues to influence my work. The combination of rolfing and pilates training allows me to work with clients with a real understanding of what the body is doing in movement and why. The work of Joseph Pilates and Dr Ida Rolf gives real and constant inspiration in everything I do."

Injury from a horse fall brought me to rolfing and to STOTT Pilates. Rolfing and pilates changed my life, my riding and my work. I find that each area of interest helps me continually learn about the other. Working with horses and with humans in rolfing and reiki is always teaching me about horses, people, and myself. Working in bodywork, movement and in healing brings together mind, body and spirit in a way that each benefits all.

My speciality is in equestrian performance enhancement - working with the horse and the rider to get you moving with freedom and peforming better – whatever your level of ability."

Horse and rider together, working in harmony.