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Equine Structural Integration / Rolfing for Horses

Appointments available in Aberdeen ; Monday, Wednesday & Saturday.
Clinics across Scotland & worldwide on request.

Pauline has 15 years experience as a human massage therapist, 10 years as a JMI Certified Equine Sportsmassage Therapist and is now evolving her Rolfing Structural Integration training to the equine structure. As with humans, the effect of the rolfing work on the horses can have profound effects as the structure reorganizes in gravity.

Want more from your Horse?
Are you and your horse working at your highest level? I work as part of the multi-disciplinary team that works towards keeping you and your horse working in harmony, free from injury and on the road to success. Sessions last 30—60 minutes. You must obtain permission from your veterinarian prior to treatment.

Shifts in structure can be quite powerful for the horse so try to leave a day or two off afterwards in the field to integrate.

Your ride the following day is the final part of the treatment; best results can be achieved working with your trainer so that you can tie in what you feel to what they see. This is your optimal opportunity for finding balanced, forward and straight movement from you and the horse so eyes on the ground can really help you compare what you feel with what is happening.

When to call for a Rolfer®
Rolfing looks at the horse in movement and then works to unwind any patterns of strain throughout the entire structure to help the horse regain FORWARD, STRETCHED AND STRAIGHT.

- Refusing or resisting leads
- ‘Hanging a leg' over jumps
- Head and neck discomfort/shaking/tongue sticking out
- Shortened strides
- Hind leg scuffing/tripping up or down hill
- Improper tracking
- Hip and shoulder lameness
- Girthing problems: making faces at the saddle or when girthing
- Muscular or ‘cold' back
- doesn't like being groomed/rugged/feet picked out

To really make a change in your performance levels. Max 8 horses. Day 1 gives rolfing session for each horse. Day 2 rolfing session for each rider. Day 3 Rider core stability training followed by combined rolfing movement session under saddle. Limited availability.

FREE DEMONSTRATIONS in Aberdeen and the North East of Scotland
If your livery stable, riding school or club have 6 or more people interested, please call to arrange a free demonstration of equine rolfing or equine reiki. Please obtain the necessary consent from all veterinarians beforehand.

Talks also available on specialist STOTT pilates training for equestrians. If you live out with the north east and would like to arrange a demonstration, travel costs will be required.

The Rider
Stress patterns or compensation patterns between the horse and rider can also be picked up from one session to the next. Rolfing Structural Integration for the rider or specific muscular balance training through the use of pilates exercise training can help to create a stronger, more stabilized core from which the body can move in balanced muscle use.

Horse and rider together, working in harmony.

Equine Reiki